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Pure sustainability


Schloss Seefels shows how to save energy

Energy from the sun, from biomass, and from used oil. Environmentally friendly and resource-saving modes of operation have been a focal point at Schloss Seefels long before it became a talking point. The course for the Seefels energy transition was already set in 2016 with the conversion of the heating and hot water supply to bioenergy. The photovoltaic systems and many other small energy-saving measures contribute to a beneficial energy balance.

Solar panels at sunset for renewable energy - Stockfoto Fotografie-ID:130840087 - Bildnachweis:alexsl
Wörthersee lake pool at sunrise

The power of the sun

One of the two large photovoltaic systems is located on the roof of the Seefels laundry facility. With an output of 71.625 KW, it covers the entire energy requirement in the laundry facility; the surplus produced is fed into the grid. The peak of solar energy is used as efficiently as possible for the operation of the washing machines, the dryer, and the ironing machine.

The second large system is located on the roof of the new staff house MAQ. The 42 apartments and public areas are supplied entirely with energy from the sun. The solar cells have an output of 134.520 KW and generate sufficient power for general electricity needs, heating, and air conditioning.

Energy from district heating

The Pörtschach biomass heating plant is located directly at the Techelsberg motorway exit. This energy producer is not that far away. As early as 2016, Schloss Seefels switched to bioenergy for the entire heating and hot water supply in the hotel. The spa, lake pool, lake sauna, and pool are also heated using district heating

Keeping up with the (energy saving) times

As part of the major renovation in 2022, all of the technology was renewed. This includes the highest level of innovation in terms of technological processes and devices combined with energy and resource reduction.

Heat recycling, cross-flow heat exhange, ECO programs, LED lighting - all this and much more are more than just buzzwords; they are part of the comprehensive Seefels energy-saving concept. The 5 e-charging stations are also part of it, which include 3 Tesla columns as well as the 2 columns for all car brands.

Energy around the clock

Just as energy flows around the clock at the Seefels, the 5 employees in Seefels technological support area are also available around the clock - in the event that the power goes off for so long that even the emergency power unit is in trouble, but we'll keep our fingers crossed this doesn't happen!