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Pure sustainability

In harmony with nature

Environmental protection at Schloss Seefels

Schloss Seefels is located in one of the most beautiful spots on the Wörthersee. The Seefels does a lot to ensure that this place stays as beautiful as it is. This starts with the purchase of regional products to avoid long transport routes and continues with the production of our own electricity via a photovoltaic system with a direct supply and our own laundry service for all hotel linens and employee clothing. 

Environmentally friendly

The Seefels laundry facility

2 sheets, 2 duvet covers, 4 pillowcases, 2 large bath towels, 2 hand towels, 4 guest towels, 2  bath mats, 2 bidet towels (in rooms with a bidet), and 2 bathrobes. That's 22 pieces of laundry with which every room and suite are equipped. One complete set is in the laundry facility, another in the office for daily changes, and another on reserve. 22 x 4 is 88 pieces of laundry per unit x 68 units. That's 5,984 pieces of laundry – just for housekeeping.


10,000 pieces of laundry
In addition, there are all the towels from the spa, all table linens including cloth napkins in the restaurants, all employee clothing including bed linens and towels in the employee apartments, and guest laundry. All of this is washed and ironed in the hotel's own laundry facilities.

8 machines from small to huge 
It's easy to imagine that the 3 washing machines from 20 to 40 kg, a separate household washing machine for cleaning cloths, 3 dryers, and a huge ironing machine with 5 rollers are in operation every day from morning to evening.

5 washers
The laundry gals don't work at night like the magical cleaning elves do, but they are on duty from eary in the morning until 9 pm washing the dirty laundry, ironing the laundry, and stacking it on the shelves so that housekeeping can take it back to the hotel floors with the laundry trolley. 

Laundry is washed using only environmentally friendly and health-friendly detergents, which have been awarded with the EU Eco Label. The selection of the detergent for the specific washing program is fully automatic. 

In order to provide the environment with a little something extra, which is characteristic of the Seefels, the towels in the hotel are not automatically changed daily but only when guests request it. One less piece of laundry is a small step towards environmental protection.