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In good company

The legendary Schloss by lake Wörthersee

Walnut, marble, mirrors, leaf golf finishes, a tiled stove in Empire style and a sonorous baby grand piano give the bar style and elegance. Udo Jürgens often sat at the piano. Did you also hear “Merci Cherie”? In any case, the bar guests say: Merci for the nice, sociable hours.

Die schönste Bar Österreichs

Wer gerne im Mittelpunkt ist, setzt sich an die ovale Bar und im Sommer auf die Terrasse mit Traumblick.

Seefels Schlossbar Bottle Aged Negroni
Seefels Schlossbar with great Whisk(e)y and Gin selektion

Whisk(e)y und Schokolade

Over 400 bottles sit on the shelves of the Schlossbar. The selection of whisk(e)y with more than 60 types of bourbon, scotch and Irish whiskey is impressive. One novelty is the range of chocolates that go with the whisk(e)ys from the Carinthian chocolate manufactory Craigher.

Smoking? Absolutely.

Statesman Winston Churchill liked to do it. Even non-statesmen do it at the Seefels: They smoke their cigars with pleasure - in the wonderful outdoor cigar lounge with a lake view. Davidoff, Romeo y Julieta, Santa Damiana and Cohiba keep their freshness and aroma in the humidor.

Cocktails and cool drinks

Bar manager Christoph Turian shakes, floats and stirs cocktails with enthusiasm. When asked about the most popular cocktails, he named Bellini, Fraisini and Testarossa for women, Martini cocktails and Bottle Aged Negroni for men. Vermouth is well-known and trendy right now.

Teatime im Schloss Seefels

Bis zu 30 Teesorten aus dem renommierten Teehaus Ronnefeld stehen auf der Teekarte. Serviert wird das Heißgetränk im gusseisernen Ronnefeld-Kännchen mit fünf Zuckersorten – pur oder begleitet von ofenfrischen Kuchen oder Strudel, luftig-leichten Macarons, feinem Teegebäck oder kleinen Pikantereien.

Opening times

Open daily from 2.30 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Dogs & pets

Please kindly be informed that we do not accommodate dogs and pets in all areas of the hotel, in our restaurants and bars.

Guest reviews

"We will be back. Everything newly renovated. Great location with great views. A short break can only be spent in the hotel without problems and without excursions, even in bad weather."

Christopher, May 2022 •
Guest reviews

"A beautiful hotel in a great location!"

Alois, June 2022 •
Guest reviews

"The location is amazing!"

Maria, June 2022 •
# Seefels insight