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Pure place of power

More than a landmark on the lake See

Billi Thanner's Himmelsleiter

The new landmark on the Wörthersee will amaze you. In the colors pink, violet, green, turquoise, yellow, red, and warm white, Billi Thanner's Himmelsleiter shines from the polygonal Seefels tower into the night. The view upwards is magical and lets longings, wishes, and hope run free.

Billi Thanner's Himmelsleiter - Landmark am Wörthersee
Billi Thanner's Himmelleiter am Schloss Seefels Turm
Billi Thanner's Himmelsleiter am Seefels Turm

21 steps closer to heaven

Since August 26th, 2022, Billi Thanner's ‘HIMMELSLEITER’ (ladder to heaven) has shone in neon silver on the tower of Hotel Schloss Seefels as a landmark in a public space. The permanent art installation consists of a 21-meter-high silver matt neon ladder and has 21 steps.

Landmark & spiritual place of power

Looking up means letting your longings, desires, and hopes run free, giving yourself courage, strength, and perseverance, recharging your batteries with strength and confidence, longing for the best for yourself and everyone, regardless of gender, age, religion and culture.

Water & light

The interplay of water and light has always been inspiring. Water is a place of power and a source of power at the same time. From the beginning we are familiar with this element. In the womb, surrounded by amniotic fluid, we feel safe and secure for months. Water carries us, brings us back to the primordial state, a state of peace and divinity. Water is a primal force and has always been considered sacred. Water quenches our thirst for life. At this place of power we recharge our batteries, recharge our physical and mental reserves, gather vitality. Like fire, light is one of the most important phenomena for all cultures. The light represents salvation and enlightenment. With Billi Thanner's HIMMELSLEITER (ladder to heaven), Hotel Schloss Seefels becomes a very special energetic and spiritual place of magical and unforgettable moments.