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Pure variety

Vacation experience of a special kind

Schloss Seefels showcases art

Welcome to the HOseum - a unique combination of a 5-star superior hotel and a museum. 200 works of art from the family collection Haselsteiner hang in the stylish rooms of the neoclassical palace on the Wörthersee.


Seefels Art Georg Baselitz und Karel Appel
Seefels Art Eduard Bäumer in der Junior Suite
Seefels Art Kiki Kogelnik
Billi Thanner's Kunst im Pink Birkin Salon
Seefels Art Karel Appel


In the lobby, you will discover museum works by Georg Baselitz, Maria Lassnig, Markus Lüpertz, Karel Appel, and Arnulf Rainer. Georg Baselitz became famous with his upside-down motifs, which put the act of painting in the foreground and freed the object from its actual meaning. He is among the greatest painters of our time. The show "Naked Masters" can currently be seen at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, which is a visual dialogue between Georg Baselitz and the Old Masters. 

Neighboring Baselitz's works in the magnificent lobby of Hotel Schloss Seefels is so-called "painter prince" Markus Lüpertz, who conquered the art world with his expressive paintings.

The next important display in the entrance is the exceptional work "Knight with Bird" by one of the most important contemporary Austrian painters  Maria Lassnig. Her painting shows figuration without a simple realistic depiction - Lassnig paints the subject not the object. It's always self-portraits enriched with surreal elements that create a peculiar and very specific balance between closeness and strangeness.

Another highlight in the lobby are works by Karel Appel. Along with Pierre Alechinsky and Asgar, the Dutch artist belonged to the artist group COBRA, which was founded in the 1950s and developed an autonomous world of images and an expressive use of forms. Works by Alechinsky and Jorn subsequently enrich the exclusively furnished suites.

Carinthian artists

Local Carinthian art personalities such as Ernst Gradischnig, Anton Mahringer, Hans Staudacher, Karl Stark, or contemporary artist Gudrun Kampl enrich the rooms with their own individual visual language.

World-class works of art

Other big names such as Hermann Nitsch, Peter Pongratz, Günther Förg, Sam Francis, and Xenia Hausner are also represented with their works. In the same way, select younger artists such as Amani Broggi, Daniel Horvath, Billi Thanner, and Attila Adorjan, with his sensational photorealistic works, complete the art atmosphere at Hotel Schloss Seefels.

Immerse yourself in a colorful world of images, and draw inspiration from the themes and strength from the world-class works of art.

ART Schloss Seefels

Browse with this brochure through the ART Schloss Seefels and share with us the passion, of admiration and enthusiasm.