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Pure splendor


Private Schloss garden

With 30,000 m², the private Schloss garden is the largest on the Wörthersee; and with the new herb garden, it is probably the most natural, most blossoming, and most aromatic. Children can pick fresh berries from the bushes. Connoisseurs can let themselves be tempted by the fantastic scents. And in our toque-awarded kitchen, nature's gifts are used to refine and perfect.

30.000 m2 großer privater Schlossgarten am WörtherseeKräutergarten im privaten Seefels Schlossgarten
prachtvoller privater Schlossgarten am Wörthersee
privater Schlossgarten am Wörthersee
frische Blüten und Kräuter für die Seefels Gourmetküche
Kräutergarten im privaten Seefels Schlossgarten

Splendid garden
on the Wörthersee

The blaze of color begins in spring with daffodils and primroses and ends in autumn with hydrangeas and dipladenia. In the meantime, you can see roses, rhododendrons, oleander, hibiscus, lavender, jasmine, chamomile, sunflowers, and many other colorful summer flowers. From the boathouse on the west side to the lake sauna on the east side of the 3-hectare park, the blooms and aroma of the flowers are fantastic. Hedges, thuja trees, and hundreds of boxwoods line the garden paths. A leisurely stroll in the Schloss garden is nourishment for the senses. 

Canadian spruce & lit fir trees on the Wörthersee

A variety of trees offering shade on the Seefels beach adorn the sunbathing lawn and grassy areas in the Schloss garden on the Wörthersee. Two of these trees are especially impressive: the Canadian spruce on the north grounds of the hotel towers above everything with a height of 100 meters at the ripe old age of 70. This proud, mighty, majestic tree stands out during Advent and Christmas among the lit fir trees in the Schloss garden. This atmosphere of winter romance by the glistening Wörthersee could not be more beautiful.

Loving gardening in the Schloss garden

For almost 30 years, Aleksandar Popović has taken care of the 3-hectare Schloss garden. He knows all of its flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs. He talks to them, caresses the leaves, and looks at them and knows exactly what they need whether it be water, organic fertilizer, or a trim. Just one look and he knows what to do. "The garden requires a quick response", says Aleksandar Popović. Only with quick action was it possible one summer to keep the snout moths away from hundreds of box trees. 

3 gnomes in the Seefels garden

When the grass becomes long, it is mowed. When the hedges are high, they are cut - but not at the Seefels, where guests value the garden as an oasis of quiet and "dolce farniente". Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are days of rest. And even from Monday to Friday, the time window for garden work is short: from 10 am to 12 pm and from 5 to 7 pm. It appears as though the garden gnomes are at work, because time is short and the garden is big. When asked how he accomplishes everything, Aleksandar Popović's response is: flexibility, experience, the right instinct, and 2 great colleagues.  

The best tips from the Seefels gardner

Plants are like people. Each one is different, needs more or less water, more or less care, and more or less affection. Give plants what they need - nothing more and nothing less. Provide for strong roots - after all, a mountain peak is easier to climb with 2 strong legs. Don't use artificial fertilizer and chemical-synthetic sprays. Use organic fertilizer, nettle tea, and garlic. Aleksandar Popović keeps the snout moths away with garlic. Adjust your plan according to the weather and the plants. They will show you what to do. Do everything with love and joy. This is often the best, most efficient, and most environmentally-friendly fertilizer. 

Everything in the garden shed

Everything has its place in the garden shed. Hanging to the left of the entrance are brooms, rakes, shovels, and spades. Then there are hoses, and below this are rubber boots and protective footwear. Stacked on the shelf are gardening gloves in every size and material. To the right of the entrance are sacks of potting soil, organic fertilizer, and bark mulch. Mowers, wheelbarrows, and watering cans fill up the remainder of the shed. Riding mowers and leaf blowers are stored in the warehouse. This is also where you will find safety equipment such helmets, hearing protection, and protective eyewear, because safety comes first in the garden.  

Interesting information

SIZE: 3-hectare garden with grassy areas, trees, hedges, shrubs, and flowers

FLOWERING SEASON: a splendor of blossoming colors from May to October.

GIANT TREE: 70-year old, 100-meter-high Canadian spruce

FIR TREE: 20-meter-high lit Christmas tree

CREATIVITY: hundreds of box trees in a variety of shapes and sizes

PLACES OF POWER: quiet, idyllic oases for reading, daydreaming, and relaxing