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Pure service

One employee per guest

120 employees in 5-star superior Hotel Seefels

Luxury has two meanings. The material that is featured in Schloss Seefels is of the highest quality - from the bed and table linens made from the finest thread and the glass from Riedel to the porcelain from Augarten and Taitù and the interior from the Bielefelder Werkstätten, Wittmann, Flos, Venini, and other design icons. Even in this style, this is anything but easy to copy.

Schloss Seefels team

What cannot be copied, however, is the intangible luxury that is the 120 employees at Schloss Seefels – with just as many guests. One employee per guest, that is a relationship that is unparalleled in the Austrian hotel industry.

120 employees in 8 departments

At first glance, one wonders where the 120 employees work at the Seefels and what they do. This is because many services are not directly for the guests but are quite visible when everything shines, blooms, and smells magnificent.

Interesting change

At the turn of the millennium, it was still the case that a popular destination like the Wörthersee and a legendary hotel history like that of Seefels were enough to be able to choose the desired employees from a large number of applications, but the tide has now changed. Today, employees choose the hotel of their choice and – if it is affordable – are welcomed into the team with open arms.

The Seefels credo

"Treat everyone as equals and treat them as you would like to be treated yourself." And that goes far beyond all the obvious things like good pay, attractive opportunities for advancement, interesting further training opportunities, modern accommodation, delicious food, free laundering of work clothes, extensive sports and recreational activities, and your own beach. "The most important thing we show our employees is appreciation for everything they do and know," says co-owner Helena Ramsbacher.

Almost anything is possible

Johannes Doujak, who has been with us for a long time since 1982, followed a linear path from what was then known as a waiter apprenticeship to becoming a maître d'hôtel. It remains to be seen whether Kerstin Meschnark will follow the same linear path as an apprentice hotel and catering assistant. Such careers used to be common. Today they are becoming rarer and hotel industry newcomers more common - also at the Seefels.

International team

Not only the guests come to the Seefels from many different countries; so do the employees. There are a proud 13 nations that make up the Seefels team of 120 employees and read alphabetically like a small country map: Afghanistan, Bosnia, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Nigeria, Austria, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Syria, Romania, Ukraine. And just as English is the preferred language spoken with the international clientele, communication within the team is also mainly in English due to the many languages.