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Decades of Seefels loyalty

Loyalty that shows.

Decades of loyalty from many employees show that promises are kept here at the Seefels. Johannes Doujak, maître d’hôtel, has already celebrated his 20-year anniversary of working here. Head of reception Karin Sereinig and Karin Buchegger, assistant to the executive director, will reach this milestone in a few years. Florian Scheichenbauer, F & B manager, and head chef Richard Hessl have already celebrated their 10-year anniversary here.

Decades of loyalty from the Seefels staff

The team members

Depending on the season, the Seefels team consists of 45 to 110 employees. Each department manager supervises, leads, trains, and motivates their crew. The department managers Richard Hessl, kitchen, and Johannes Doujak, restaurant, are known for nurturing up-and-coming talent. They love to share their vast experience with young, dedicated, curious people and prepare them for competition. Their successes in competitions have been awarded wtih gold, silver, and bronze. 


Egon Haupt, Managing Direktor

Managing Director

Egon Haupt

Karin Buchergger, Assistant to the Managing Director

Assistant / Human Resources

Karin Buchegger

Barbara Soffritti, Marketing & Sales Manager

Marketing & Sales Manager

Barbara Soffritti

Karin Sereinig, Front Office Manager

Front Office Manager

Karin Sereinig

Andrea Streit, Housekeeping Manager

Housekeeping Manager

Andrea Streit

Florian Scheichenbauer, F & B Manager

F & B Manager

Florian Scheichenbauer

Richard Hessl, Executive Chef

Executive Chef

Richard Hessl

Benjamin Essl, Sous Chef

Sous Chef

Benjamin Essl

Johannes Doujak, Maître d'hôtel

Maître d’hôtel

Johannes Doujak

Robert Prüggler, Assistant Restaurant Manager

Assistant Restaurant Manager

Robert Prüggler

René Hofmann, Restaurant Manager Porto Bello

Restaurant Manager, Porto Bello

René Hofmann

Silvia Schmidt-Hulke, Spa Manager

Spa Manager

Silvia Schmidt-Hulke

Peter Adam, House technician

Hotel Technician

Peter Adam

Seefels team
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