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Seefels around the year

More luxury at the art & boutique hotel by lake Wörth

In Seefels there ought to be a little bit more of everything. More luxury. More service. More quality. More colour. More joy. And this 'more' also ought to feature for your Seefels holiday time. 'Seefels around the year' is our lovely response to this.

Special offers in autumn and winter
at the boutique hotel by lake Wörth

From golden autumn, to New Year‘s Day, with seven tempting packages we invite you to enjoy even more Seefels pampering time. Tempting, because there is even more included than you already familiar with in Seefels: experiences that  are fun. Temptations that give you goosebumps. Days that make you happy.

Sunrise lake Wörthersee
Festive decoration
New Year's Eve gala
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