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Schloss Seefels

A jewel of the Wörthersee architecture

On the banks of lake Wörthersee, a villa with the character of a castle was built on a rock in 1860. The combination of lake and rock gave the architectural gem the name Seefels. The polygonal tower of the neoclassical structure shows its dominance, majesty and elegance from afar.

the Schloss Seefels tower
Schloss Seefels by the lake built on a rock

Historic Seefels

The first postcard was sent from what was Schloss Seefels then.

luxury Tower Suite Udo Jürgens
The first correspondence card was sent on its way from the Seefels.
Schloss Seefels in 1958
Schloss Seefels in 1969

Professor, inventor and builder Dr. Emanuel Herrmann

The Carinthian professor of national economy, Dr. Emanuel Herrmann had the castle built in 1860. As the inventor of the postcard, he sent the first correspondence card on its way in 1869, which showed the castle in all its splendor and size on the front.

From the villa to the Hotel Schloss Seefels

The Count Dumba, whose roots go back to an influential industrial family from Vienna with a weakness for music and art, turned the villa in Techelsberg am Wörthersee into a hotel. Shine and flair moved in. Celebrities and stars followed.

The Seefels as a trendsetter

Today the 5-star hotel is one of the best in the country, enjoys an international reputation and welcomes guests from all continents. With innovations such as the heated seaside pool and style combinations from classicistic to avant-garde, the boutique hotel shows courage and sets trends.

From the "drop in" to the Felsen Spa

Before the turn of the millennium, people danced into the early hours of the morning at the “drop in”. It was the hip, upscale discotheque. The spontaneous live performances by Udo Jürgens, to whom one of the new luxury suites is dedicated, were legendary. Today you can relax in style in this area.

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