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21 steps closer to heaven

Billi Thanner's ladder to heaven goes to Schloss Seefels am Wörthersee

From Friday night, August 26th 2022, Billi Thanner's ‘HIMMELSLEITER’ (ladder to heaven) will shine in neon silver for the first time on the tower of the Hotel Schloss Seefels in Techelsberg near Pörtschach by Lake Wörth as a landmark in public space. The ladder to heaven was commissioned by Helena Ramsbacher and Dr. Hans-Peter Haselsteiner for the tower specially designed for the Hotel Schloss Seefels. The permanent art installation consists of a 21-meter-high silver matt neon ladder and has 21 steps.

Landmark and spiritual place of power

Looking up means letting your longings, desires and hopes run free, giving yourself courage, strength and perseverance, recharging your batteries with strength and confidence, longing for the best for yourself and everyone, regardless of gender, age, religion and culture.

''Looking from the bottom up to the first step, itself just preparation for preparation, and if you look closely, it really only begins at the last step. People often go beyond themselves in many ways and each time they fill their real life with experiences that make sense. The ladder to heaven as a ladder of significance, so often until we realize that the initial step is the same as the top one. To me this means that we live life on different levels and positions. The ladder to heaven, also teaches us that it is not important which life we ​​lead, but on which level. Nobody needs to worry, but that may only become clear to us when we stand on the upper steps of the ladder to heaven,' says Billi Thanner, explaining the meaning that the ladder to heaven has for her.

With the HIMMELSLEITER (ladder to heaven) for the tower of the Hotel Schloss Seefels in Techelsberg near Pörtschach by Lake Wörth by the artist Billi Thanner, who lives and works in Vienna, the picturesque Alpine lake in the southernmost region of Austria, which has become famous for its film sets, has received an impressive and powerful landmark that enchantingly glows at night, that can be viewed from the restaurant La Terrasse, the Schlossbar terrace, Pörtschach and from the southern shore of the lake. Schloss Seefels - built in the second half of the 19th century - was commissioned by Emanuel Herrmann (1839 - 1902) as a late Gründerzeit villa with the character of a castle. The polygonal tower at the end of the elongated building is the dominant feature when viewed from Velden. The castle is located directly on the lake shore, slightly elevated.

Water & Light

The interplay of water and light has always been inspiring. Water is a place of power and a source of power at the same time. From the beginning we are familiar with this element. In the womb, surrounded by amniotic fluid, we feel safe and secure for months. Water carries us, brings us back to the primordial state, a state of peace and divinity. Water is a primal force and has always been considered sacred. Water quenches our thirst for life. At this place of power we recharge our batteries, recharge our physical and mental reserves, gather vitality. Like fire, light is one of the most important phenomena for all cultures. The light represents salvation and enlightenment. With Billi Thanner's HIMMELSLEITER (ladder to heaven), Hotel Schloss Seefels becomes a very special energetic and spiritual place of magical moments and unforgettable moments.

Billi Thanner

Billi Thanner has dedicated herself to beauty in her artistic work. She has been working as a visual artist since the early 1990s. Her work encompasses a range of genres such as painting, sculpture, sculptural intervention, spatial installation, action and performance and is dedicated to the relationship between humans, nature, art and society. For her actions and performances, which are designed to be interdisciplinary, the artist regularly invites artists and creatives such as Julius Deutschbauer, Gerhard Fresacher or Peter Lohmeyer from various fields - theater, music, dance, fashion and design - but also friends to participate. With a self-confident, powerful and impulsive imagery, Billi Thanner negotiates the imbalance between social, economic and ecological action: superficiality, excessive consumption and throwaway mentality, exploitation of human labor and nature, environmental pollution and waste of resources. But the focus is on people. From April 2021 to August 2022, the HIMMELSLEITER shone in the Viennese nights at St. Stephen's Cathedral. From August 26th 2022, the artwork can be admired in all its beauty, magic and spirituality at Schloss Seefels by Lake Wörth. Billi Thanner lives and works in Vienna.

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