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Toques, forks, and stars

Top addresses for special culinary enjoyment

There are as many excellent restaurants as there are fantastic locations, impressive architecture, and pleasant ambiances. Places that combine all these attributes are rare. That's why your culinary experience here on lake Wörthersee is something special: it's enjoyment for all the senses.   

With style and taste

Light contributes as much to the culinary experience as colors, materials, sounds, and aromas. With the decor of the 3 Seefels restaurants, interior designer Edeltraud Troger paid special attention to the harmony of colors and shapes. You will feel a light, airy ambiance in the Orangerie, a sense of stylish elegance in La Terrasse, and a maritime, Mediterranean atmosphere in Porto Bello. Johannes Doujak, maître d’hôtel, and Richard Hessl, head chef, will be your guides on your culinary journey.

The Wörthersee: home of Richard Hessl &
fresh fish

Richard Hessl lives on lake Wörthersee, works on lake Wörthersee, and gets many products for the delicacies he offers on the menu from the area. Fish are caught fresh every day from the lake. It is a special moment when the Wörthersee fishermen step out their boat with a full net and head past Porto Bello straight to the kitchen with their catch. 

Richard Hessl knows what he wants: the best quality - fresh and from the surrounding area. His partners of many years meet his demands with their mouth-watering products....

Everything good comes
from nearby

Wagyu beef

Darmann family, Grosshinterberger, St. Margarethen im Lavanttal

Lamb & veal

Bio Schobehof, Tschuitz family, Techelsberg am Wörthersee

Meat & sausage products

Ilgenfritz, Villach

Cheese specialties

Kaslab’n Nockberge, Radenthein

Cheese & yogurt

made from sheep's and goat's milk: Biohof Leber, Skofitsch family, Mittertrixen

Fruit & vegetables

Robitsch, Brückl

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