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SPA treatments

Enjoy & bloom

At the Seefels Spa you enter a Bisazza sea of flowers made from small glass mosaic tiles and feel yourself surrounded by rubber plants and Yucca palms. The impressive nature brought into the spa from the magnificent 30,000 m2 private Schloss gardens is rivalled by the impressive treatments, facials, massages and classic offers provided by our spa & beauty team who radiate with competence, harmony and empathy – as golden as the Bisazza columns in the spa.

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open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.


To make an appointment, please call +43 4272 2377-960 or email
At the hotel, you can dial extension 960.

Spa etiquette

Our Spa team 

from left - Sabrina, Spa-Receptionist | Christina, masseuse | Sam, masseur | Lydia, team leader spa & masseuse | Tina, hair stylist & beautician | Melissa, beautician & masseuse, | in front - Alexandra, beautician | not on the photo - Bettina, masseuse | Bianca, beautician

Valmont Anti-Aging-Facials

Magician of treatments

Valmont has a longstanding reputation of being a leader of anti-aging treatments. The highquality cosmetic products of Valmont combine the scientific know-how of Swiss cellular cosmetics with activating alpine ingredients from natural Swiss resources.

The nourishing treatments are based on the movement of butterflies and ensure high efficiency with long-lasting visible effects. The aesthetics of this line are also visible, designed according to the motto ‘art meets beauty’ by Didier Guillon, President and Artistic Director of the Valmont Group.

60 minutes   |   245 €
75 minutes   |   300 €

This hydration booster fills the epidermis with water to reveal a vibrant and supple skin with a youthful glow.

With this treatment, the oxygen supply of the cells is stimulated. The skin appears revitalised, energised, blossoms and shows resilience. The complexion appears fresh and radiant.

This treatment refines the skin’s texture and calls forth the glow of a unified complexion. The skin is softer, smoother and altogether radiant, with fewer irregularities.

This anti-aging treatment cares for an intense smoothing effect while fine superficial lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced.

Phyto-Aroma-Treatment by Sisley

Sisley is world-renowned for its top product quality and effectiveness. The renowned brand benefits from unique ‘expertise’ in using essential and plant-based active ingredients. The phyto-aroma treatments guarantee some exceptional, holistic benefits and the sensual experience of aromachology.

Different treatments promise enjoyment as well as fast and significant results for any skin type and any requirement. Every element of the treatments consists of differing, refined massage methods which have been
selected due to their extremely relaxing effects and their special ability to aid the skin’s absorption of the exquisite active ingredients contained in the Sisley products. 

Discover the unique universe of botanical skincare specialist Sisley through these phyto-aroma treatments.



Specially created for dry skin. This facial treatment will leave your skin as fresh and soft as a petal.

This treatment is a must before a party or to eradicate signs of tiredness. The effects are immediately visible – and your skin will be left radiant and free from any signs of stress.

With a rich and smooth feel. This treatment was developed to effectively treat dry skin. It provides intensive nourishment and care and leaves your skin feeling comfortable and relaxed.

A precious moment of relaxation for stressed or irritated skin. This gentle treatment soothes the skin and provides enhanced vitality and comfort.

Developed for a mix of medium to greasy skin or skin impurities, your skin will be intensively cleansed while preserving its moisture content. Pores are reduced and the skin is left looking clearer and more even. The complexion appears refreshed and radiant.

A fragrant and sensual journey to the heart of the mysterious black rose. This treatment awakens the radiance and beauty of a smoother skin packed with vitality. The complexion is vibrant and the skin is plumped up, regaining its softness.

Developed exclusively for men, this treatment offers moments of relaxation based on a specific ritual. It combines the efficiency of well-being with moisturised and invigorated skin, leaving it free from signs of stress and tiredness.


Over an unforgettable 90 minutes, Sisley offers all the benefits of the 10 years of research invested in Sisleÿa Anti-Age. The result of this knowledge is a treatment which leaves your skin capable of functioning like youthful skin again, based on a highly eveloped process. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out, the epidermis becomes firmer and more resilient and looks visibly more youthful. 

The treatment is available in 3 versions:

  • Normal skin
  • Dry to very dry skin
  • Medium to greasy skin


CLASSIC MASSAGE - 25 mins | 70 € - 50 mins | 110 € - 75 mins | 160 €
The classic massage can be tailored to your needs and requirements. Powerful, intensive and activating.Gentle, harmonising and relaxing. Just the back, arms and legs or the whole body. Book your wellbeing session to last along as you need, along with your preferred focal treatment area.

AROMATHERAPY OIL MASSAGE - 25 mins | 70 € - 50 mins | 110 € - 75 mins | 160 €
Relaxation for all the senses. Fragrant massage oils based on essential oils are gently massaged into the skin and in doing so, stimulate the nervous system, circulation and lymph system. Choose your wellbeing
session to last along as you need, along with your preferred aromatherapy oil.

HOT-STONE-MASSAGE - 50 mins | 110 € - 75 mins | 160 €
Warmed basalt stones are placed on specific energy points along the meridian in combination with a soothing massage. The gentle massage relieves deep muscle tension, activates the lymph flow and boosts the circulation.

REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE - 25 mins | 70 €
The soles of the feet are like a map, divided into areas which correspond to specific organs in the body. This stimulating treatment then has a positive impact on the corresponding organ. Boosts the body’s  own reserves and increase vitality.

DEEP RELAXATION MASSAGE - 50 mins | 110 € - 75 mins | 160 €
This gentle massage with warm, moisturising honey milk has a deeply relaxing effect on the body and mind as well as creating a rich, gentle and nourished complexion.

HEAD & SHOULDER MASSAGE - 50 mins | 110 €
Go away headache! The combination of various massage techniques with a deeply relaxing impact relieves blockages and tensions in the head, shoulder & neck area.

LEG & FOOT MASSAGE - 50 mins | 110
The legs and feet are the focal point of this massage. Any tensions in the leg muscles after sport are released. Has a stimulating effect on tired, heavy legs and eradicates any blockages. Stimulates the circulation and soothes swelling.

FACIAL LYMPH DRAINAGE - 25 mins | 70 €
The lymph flow is stimulated and toxins naturally eradicated using special applications, gentle pressure and stroking motions. The effect is immediately visible. The skin is left fresh and signs of skin ageing begin to fade.

Manicure & Pedicure


QUICK MANICURE - 30 mins | 50 €
Shaping, varnish

Exfoliation, shaping, buffing, hand pack and hand massage

MANICURE WITH VARNISH - 60 mins | 90 €
Exfoliation, shaping, varnish, hand massage

QUICK PEDICURE - 30 mins | 50 €        
Shaping, varnish

Exfoliation, foot bath, shaping, buffing, foot pack and foot massage

PEDICURE WITH VARNISH - 60 mins | 100 €
Peeling, foot bath, shaping, varnish, foot massage

OPI GelColor varnish - 38 € 
OPI GelColor varnish removal - 18 €
French Nails - 20 €

Kids welcome

6 to 12 years old (accompanied by an adult)

LITTLE RELAX MASSAGE - 25 mins | 70 €

MINI MANICURE - 25 mins | 50 €
Cleansing, exfoliation, filing, varnish, nail art sticker

YOUNG CARE - 25 mins | 70 €
Cleansing, massage, final skincare treatment, mini make-up

Hair salon
Cut, colour, & styling

If you would like a new look or individual styling, our hair stylists Tina & Conny will be happy to advise you on cut and colour. What is important is that your personal preferences are optimally emphasized. Hair products by Marlies Möller, which are tailored to the condition of your scalp and texture of your hair, are exclusively used. The Seefels hair salon is open on sundays, mondays, tuesdays and fridays, and by appointment. 

Please make your desired appointment for styling at the spa reception desk.
For hotel guests, please dial extension number 960
Tel. +43 4272 2377-960 • E-mail

Haircut & Styling | from 57 to 70 €
Styling | from 35 to 50 €
Coloration hairline | from 55 to 65 €
Coloration recoloring | from 65 to 85 €
Strands | from 60 to 120 €
Glossing color refinement | €55
Repair hair care | from 20 to 30 €
Relaxation for the scalp | 18 €

Men's set
Classic | from 35 from 45 €
Comfort | 62 €
Intensive treatment | 28 €

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