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SPA treatments

The LifeStyleZentrum, a place of pure relaxation.

Our beauty experts and masseuses will pamper you with high-quality products from the COSMÉTOLOGIE and DECLARÉ cosmetic lines. Fragrant oils and essences offer the ultimate relaxation experience. These are cosmetics that penetrate deep into the skin and regenerate. We are happy to advise you and help you select your wellness treatment. We look forward to pampering you. 

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daily from 9 am to 8 pm

Appointments: for hotel guests, please dial extension number 660
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Facial treatments
Naturally beautiful

To make your selection of treatments easier, take a look at our colour system: 

Young skin, blemished skin

Sensitive skin

Dry skin

Mature, discerning skin

Young Care 60 min. | € 78
A basic facial treatment for our young guests (up to 18 yrs. old) specially tailored to the needs of young skin. This treatment includes deep cleansing, peel with steam, soothing mask, and application of care products. 

Special for You 90 min. | € 122 or 110 min. | € 148
If you are not sure which treatment is right for you, you simply have to reserve a time. We will advise you after a careful skin diagnosis: individual skin analysis and consultation with specially tailored products and treatment methods/equipment, for example ultrasound and radio frequency. This treatment includes a concentrated active ingredient ampoule (Hyaluron, vitamin C), high-quality serum, relaxing facial massage, highly effective masks, and application of revitalizing care products.

Men Relax 90 min. | € 119
Optimal relaxation for men's skin. With this treatment, you will receive a soothing back massage as well as facial treatment with deep cleansing, peel with steam, face and head massage, mask, and application of care products. 

Experience a deep effect with visible result through the use of a Lymphodrainer, ultrasound, or radio frequency in combination with products by COSMÉTOLOGIE and DECLARÉ. Each treatment includes a cleansing, use of equipment, and application of care products. 

Lymphodrainer 40 min. | € 47
Detoxifying effect that promotes circulation and dissolves blockages. Your skin will be perfectly prepared for the subsequent application of care products.    

Ultrasound 30 min. | € 49
This treatment tightens, reduces fat, is for rosacea and large pores, provides a deep cleaning for acne-prone skin, brightens pigmentation problems, and active ingredients help to create a long-term effect. 

Radio frequency 45 min. | € 75
Stimulation of the connective tissue, firming effect, wrinkle reduction, regeneration of collagen and elastin. 

Cosmétologie facial treatments

Valuable ingredients such as grape seed extract, vegan natural produce, and plant-based anti-aging components promote biological cell regeneration. The natural cosmetic line COSMÉTOLOGIE stands for years of experience in the area of exquisite beauty care. 

Structurfacing 90 min. | € 128
A manual user method for discerning, mature skin. A natural skin lift is achieved through a special process of steps including fruit acid peel/enzyme peel, manual lymph drainage, a bioenergetic connective tissue massage, and a collagen-fleece mask. 

Feel Fresh 90 min. | € 118
An invigorating, moisturizing treatment that reduces wrinkles arising from dry skin. The skin will be moisturized and refined. Following a deep cleansing is a peel with steam and hyaluronic acid ampoule. The soothing facial massage and moisturizing mask complete this treatment.  

Better than Botox 60 min. | € 98
An active lifting treatment to make the facial contours firmer and tighter. After a cleansing, you will be treated to a clarifying peel as well as an effective facial and décolleté massage with a firming gel. Following this, a rejuvenating mask and application of lifting cream are the perfect conclusion to this treatment.  

Declaré facial treatments

Declaré – the renowned Swiss cosmetic line specializes in sensitive and delicate skin that is in need of special care. This plant-based cosmetic line improves the skin barrier and strengthens resilience, reduces irritation and sensitivity, and actively protects cells in order to prevent early wrinkle formation.    

Stress Balance - skin soothing treatment 60 min. | € 98
Effective skin protection for especially sensitive skin, for example reddening or rashes, irritations, and itching. With special active ingredients, the barrier/protection function of the skin will be quickly improved. Lost moisture will be replaced, and unpleasant redness and tension will be alleviated. Following a cleansing is a gentle peel. A calming, soothing face massage and ampoule are supplemented by an anti-irritation serum and skin soothing mask. Protective eye cream and daily cream will also be applied for a relaxed, radiant complexion. 

Vital Balance - energy cocktail for your skin 90 min. | € 118
This treatment is for tired skin that needs a new zest. The active ingredients of Vital Balance compensate for deficiencies and give the skin new energy and vitality. The treatment provides reconstructive, balancing, revitalizing care with a special cleansing, soft peel, and massage with nourishing multi-vitamin cream. A skin vitalizing concentrate and a power duo oil serum with cream top off this treatment. 

Caviar Perfection - luxury care for your skin 90 min. | € 132
This luxury treatment is enriched with high-quality caviar extract - the world's most intense nourishment for discerning skin. The abundance of minerals, trace elements, and vitamins in this black gold acts as a modern anti-wrinkle treatment. Along with a cleansing and peel if needed, this treatment also includes a highly effective lifting ampoule. A face, neck, and décolleté massage with rich caviar nourishing cream and a caviar firming mask will pamper your skin and make it glow.

Massages for HER and HIM
All-around relaxation

Classic partial-body massage 25 min. | € 50 
Muscle relaxation for the back or overworked legs.

Classic full-body massage 50 min. | € 86 
With a targeted massage technique, circulation and metabolism are stimulated. 

Intensive back massage with warm basalt stones 30 min. | € 62
Warm basalt stones dissolve deep muscle tension and activate lymph flow. 

Full-body massage with warm basalt stones 55 min. | € 91
Warm basalt stones dissolve deep muscle tension and activate lymph flow (including 5 min. resting time).

Foot reflexology massage 25 min. | € 54
Like a topographic map, the sole of the foot is divided into areas that correspond to certain organs in the body. This treatment mobilizes the body's reserves and restores vitality. 

Facial lymph drainage 30 min. | € 56
For the removal of fluid retention in the face.  

Massage duet 50 min. | € 86
Combination of a relaxing foot massage and special head massage. 

Schloss massage 50 min. | € 93
Relaxing massage with warm, moisturizing honey milk. 

Body treatments
All-around well-being

After a treatment, we recommend drinking plenty of fluids. A variety of teas and water as well as fresh fruit and dried fruits are available at the tea bar. 

Ultrasound 60 min. | € 99
Boosts the metabolism with visible improvement at the speed of sound. This treatment is used for cellulite, skin firming, detoxification, targeted fat loss, and blockages. Each treatment includes use of the Lymphodrainer, ultrasound devices, and products specifically tailored to your skin.

Radio frequency 60 min. | € 109
Effective waves to firm the skin. The use of optimally adjusted radio frequency waves boosts cell renewal and production of collagen fibres by means of deep warmth. The result: fewer wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks and visibly more radiant, firmer skin. This treatment includes use of the Lymphodrainer, radio frequency equipment, and products tailored to your skin type.   

Body peel and sea algae detoxifying wrap 60 min. | € 78
Algae stimulates metabolism. Toxins are removed from the body and it is detoxified, and circulation is stimulated.  

Body peels

Body peels promote detoxification. Dead skin cells are removed by mechanical microcirculation. The skin is better prepared to absorb active ingredients in care products. This is a perfect combination when followed by a massage or for support before and during a visit to the sauna or steam bath. 

Sel de Mer Thali 20 min. | € 49
Hydrating full-body peel with aloe vera. 

Sel de Mer 3 Tee Gommage 20 min. | € 49
Metabolism-stimulating peel with 3 teas.

Sel de Mer Afrika 20 min. | € 49
Fruity salt peel with ginseng, grapefruit, orange, and papaya. A fruit cocktail for beauty. 

Beauty basics

For the perfect look

Eyebrow correction | € 18 / € 11 *
Eyebrow colouring | € 19 / € 13 *
Eyelash colouring | € 21 / € 17 *
*Discounted price during a treatment 

Hair removal with warm wax

Hair removal on the face | ab € 9 **
Hair removal on the body | ab € 38 **
** Depending on the area treated and time

Velvety soft hands and feet

Manicure 60 min. | € 45
Schloss manicure including peel and paraffin bath 75 min. | € 60
Paraffin bath for hands 30 min. | € 35
Pedicure 60 min. | € 55
Schloss pedicure including peel and paraffin bath 75 min. | € 70
Paraffin bath for the feet 30 min. | € 38
Nail polish | € 22 / € 10*
Nails - French polish | € 26 / € 14*
*Discounted price during a treatment

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