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Seefels beach

5-star beach on lake Wörthersee.

The Seefels beach has style. The sunbathing lawn is like a well-manicured rough on the golf course - just as gardener Aleksandar Popović exactly maintains it. On the fresh greenery, the white lounge chairs and umbrellas shine in unison with the sun. On the lake dock and landing stage, the lounge chairs with umbrellas and side tables are positioned as if with a ruler. Everything in its correct place. An image of perfect harmony on this exclusive beach for Seefels guests. 

Sunrise on the Wörthersee
Sunbathing on the exclusive beach
Shady spot on the Seefels beach
Lake spa landing stage right on the Wörthersee
Morning on the lake
Sunbathing lawn with colourful blooms
Seefels beach
Sunny spot on the Wörthersee

The lake pool dock
as an island of relaxation

The dock along the heated lake pool runs into a wooden deck with white lounge chairs and umbrellas. Relaxation seekers prefer this small island on the landing stage. The slow pace here adds to the relaxing atmosphere. Peace and quiet and the water nearby: only a few steps from your lounge chair, you can step right into the year-round heated lake pool. 

Landing stage

If you want to see and be seen, you can take your place in the sun on the landing stage. You don't have to worry about laying a towel on a lounge chair in the early morning to reserve a spot. Lorenz Pfeifer welcomes guests and leads them to their own reserved lounge chair. During the duration of your Seefels holiday on the Wörthersee, this is how it works. The umbrella provides shade, and the side table is the perfect spot for towels, magazines, drinks, and accessories.  

Refreshing service
on the Seefels beach

The lake restaurant Porto Bello pampers beach guests with refreshing drinks. Especially popular is the freshly prepared iced tea. The recipe is constantly changing. Sometimes, rooibos forms the basis of the tea and other times it's mate or green tea. The fruits and leaves of the fresh herbs also change. The many water sports activities offer a different kind of refreshment. Lorenz Pfeifer accepts bookings at the beach reception desk. Towels are available, and in the case of an accident, he is a qualified lifeguard.

Interesting information
about the Seefels beach


Lake dock, landing stage, and large area with loungers

Entry points into the water

There are two, each on the landing stage with a depth of 1 and 1.5 metres


Lounge chairs, umbrellas, and tables


Drink service from the lake restaurant Porto Bello

Beach reception area

Towel service and water sports bookings


Life preserver and lifeguard

Oasis of relaxation
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