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Lake pool

Swimming in lake Wörthersee.

Hotel Schloss Seefels knew how to make excellent use of their top location on the lake. Space was not available for an indoor pool, because the hotel is so close to the shores of lake Wörthersee. So, the indoor pool simply relocated to the lake itself. Back then as well as today, a lake pool of this kind is a unique feature, because the pool is open at the bottom. This special feature can be found in only 3 hotels is Austria, and Hotel Schloss Seefels is one of them.

Sunbathing on the exclusive beach
Shades of the Wörthersee

Natural luxury

Swimming in the headed lake pool with an average water temperature of 28 degrees

Lake pool at sunrise
Heated lake pool
Wellness day on the Wörthersee in the Seefels spa

Bathtub without a bottom
in the Wörthersee

The lake pool at Hotel Schloss Seefels is comparable to a bathtub without a bottom, only much larger: 14 x 10 metres. Imagine this technically complex structure as an enclosure that is open at the bottom. With organic energy heating, the water in this area is heated up to 28 degrees in cooler months. This temperature makes swimming in the Wörthersee possible year-round. In the cooler months, bathrobes are heated to body temperature in a heated box while you swim for a pleasant feeling after a dip in the pool. 

A spectacular sight for guests

Water plants, algae, mussels. The enclosure is a temporary home for water-friendly inhabitants. The lake pool is cleaned every 10 to 14 days. For the maintenance technicians, this is a challenge each time, but for the guests, it is an impressive experience. The structure contains air tanks. These tanks are filled with air and lift the structure to the surface. Then, it is cleaned with high pressure equipment. After 3 to 4 hours, the cleaning is completed, and the structure is sunk back into the lake.  

Heated lake pool at Schloss Hotel Seefels

before breakfast

Mysterious, mystical, fantastic: this is the best way to describe early morning swimming in the heated lake pool. You will feel reborn: refreshed and invigorated. You can then enjoy a leisurely and delicious Schloss breakfast. Of course, a swim in the evening has its own special charm when the sun is reflected in the water and the scenery glistens in warm tones.

Interesting information
about the lake pool


with bioenergy heated lake pool with an average water temperature of 28 degrees


14 x 10 metres


Heated box for warm bathrobes


Pier at the pool with lounge chairs, umbrellas, and tables

Adults only

Only for swimmers. From 16 years and above. Nudist area.

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